Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Fanboys and Greedy Corporations

The Wii-U will not have GameCube title support. But, low and behold, you can buy those same games again to play on your Wii-U. Convenient, eh? That's bullshit. But you know what's more bullshit than that?:

Ad hominem-ed actual response to my pointing it out:
"OMFG You troll! Nintendo is totally right about omitting that kind of functionality and replacing it with an overpriced abortion of a controller. To say otherwise is to cause pain to my rectum! Stop it now!"

Nintendo is right that I own a DVD player, a GameCube, and a Wii. So, I don't really need them to include the backward compatability. But having said that: It would be nice. Why must I keep my Wii hooked up because it has more functionality than the damned new console I just bought from them?

I hope someone from Nintendo reads this. I'm seriously reluctant to buy it just because it's going to take up so much space next to all of the other crap that's hooked up to my television.

I still remember when Nintendo promised that the N64 would be backward compatible will all previous consoles. Looking back on it, that was extremely unrealistic, if only due to cartridge sizes (they could probably do it, but it would look pretty bulky I'm sure). But now, in the era of discs, I would think that backward compatibility would much easier. And I somehow doubt that the software engineers at Nintendo are incapable of this feat. The reason it's not happening is cheapness, not the difficulty involved. (as some diehard Nintendo defenders would have you believe.)

But, well.. that was a fun rant. Enjoy!

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