Friday, March 15, 2013

FC-Twin Light Gun Review

Yesterday, I posted a review of the FC-Twin Light Gun. As I did not have my television configured probably to get accurate shots out of the gun, I was less than pleased. The same setup allowed for accuracy out of my NES Zapper, so I thought,"Surely those would work for the FC-Twin Light Gun as well, right? ... right?"

Well, the answer to that question is a definitive no. To get an accurate shot out of the FC-Twin Light Gun, I had to lower my CRT TV's brightness settings down to zero. Of, course, this makes the games look a little darker than they should, but the gun is quite functional. So, in light of that, I feel obligated to re-review the FC-Twin Light Gun.

Build Quality:

I dwelled on it a little more than I should have because the gun wouldn't always fire correctly, but the truth is still that this gun is made of what feels like pretty cheap plastic. It's a very lightweight gun -- which is nice for these types of games -- but it doesn't give me a lot of confidence that this gun will work ten years down the road.

The trigger, in particular, feels flimsy. It's quite the step down in quality from the NES Zapper.


With your television properly configured, the gun will work just as well as the NES Zapper. I was able to get as far as I normally could in Hogan's Alley and actually a little further in Duck Hunt. The lightweight nature of the gun really does help with accuracy.

One game that I had trouble with was Operation Wolf. With same low-brightness settings, I could not get the game to register a single shot. This is (I assume) because Operation Wolf registers your hit differently. To get it to work, you need to raise the brightness. Despite my best efforts, it was hard to get a completely accurate shot out of that game. However, I honestly think it has more to do with the way Operation Wolf works than the FC-Twin Light Gun itself, as I've always had the same trouble out of the NES Zapper.

To Buy or Not To Buy

Since it seems to work (albeit with different brightness/contrast settings than you would get out of your NES), I would recommend it. I prefer the way the way Duck Hunt's brightness looks via NES, but not enough to actually hook up my NES and play Duck Hunt own it. Provided the durability holds up, the FC-Twin Light Gun is just as good as the NES Zapper. And that's saying something.

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