Friday, February 11, 2011

Fact: CDs are a scam!

Theory: After some smarty pants invented the cd, his boss said, "We can definitely abuse this scratch-prone item to force customers to buy products more than once."

I happened to come across a music video featuring a track from 'The Legend of Dragoon' for the ps1. Man, LoD is about one third as awesome as LoZ, and that's pretty awesome. I sort of wanted to stick the thing into my dust collecting ps2 and have a good runthrough. However, I then remembered that disc 2 of LoD is scratched to death and freezes up on the battle screens. Now what caused this? Apparently use! I went to great lengths to protect those 4 cds from, but the wear and tear somehow got it anyway!

Now, some CD-believer is probably thinking, "But Charlie! Aren't CDs faster than cartridges, and can't they hold more data than cassettes?" I call bullshit on the former claim. A little pen drive can hold 12 gigs of data and transfer the whole thing to a hard drive in a few minutes. I refuse to believe this silly notion that cartridges are that inferior to cds. And when you factor in durability, they're just all around more preferable.

Cartridges never froze. Cassette tapes never skipped. CDs do both of these things. Thankfully, downloads are getting more and more popular. I pray that soon the world will be rid of the scam that is the compact disc.

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