Monday, May 16, 2011

A New Perspective on Fierce Deity

In Majora's Mask, if Link obtains all of the masks and opts to play with each of the four kids on the moon, Majora will give him the Fierce Deity Mask. The mask's name is a toned down version of a more appropriate translation, which is the Ferocious God Mask.

Before giving Link the mask, Majora says something along the lines of, "Would you like to play a game of good guys and bad guys? I'll be the good guy and you be the bad guy." I was thinking about this alongside Hylian Dan's Tower of Babel theory in relation to the game.

Then, a moment of inspiration occurred to me. I think that the mask may well be the proof of Dan's theory. I think this departs in a few places, but the overall implications of divine punishment are very much the same. Here's why: According to the theory, Majora is the result of the pagan (non-Goddess related, in this instance) hexing rituals of a tribe that rejected the Goddesses. Now, how would Majora view the Goddesses themselves? Obviously, if they destroyed the blasphemous Stone Tower Temple, they're destroyers. So, when he offers Link the chance to play 'the bad guy' by wearing the mask of 'a ferocious God', he's really saying that Link is working on behalf of the Goddesses, and that he is defending whatever form of decision making that led to this cataclysm. The Fierce Deity Mask symbolizes the destruction of the Stone Tower Temple by the Goddesses, and Majora's Mask was the 'good' weapon used in Dan's theory.

I think that this is on the brink of being more than fanon. You can play MM a hundred times and still pick up a new tidbit each time. I was thinking about doing a three heart run of it. I might do some of the sidequests after beating it to look for supporting evidence.

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