Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pokemon Puzzle League: A Very Brief Fanfic

Ash eagerly ran into Puzzle Village with excitement in his eyes. His lips smiled with joy as he saw Puzzle University, a college he'd never be able to get into. Far off in the distance was the stadium where a new type of Pokemon battle was happening. Without taking another glance at his surroundings, he and Pikachu darted toward the stadium.

With his eyes on the stadium as he ran forward, he suddenly fell hard to the ground. He could feel the metal piercing his side. Beneath him was a series of blue metal bars. He shook off the pain and looked right at his destiny: Misty.

“Ash Ketchum! Get off my bike! Why do you always put my bike in danger? My leg is trapped because of your fat!” She screamed with indignation.

“Gee, sorry Misty! I was just so eager to get to the stadium. They're having a new type of Pokemon battle. It's about puzzles or something. Have you heard?”

“Yes, I've heard! I'm a Gym Leader in it. Now get off me!”

“Right.” Ash stood up, looked at the bike and its rider, and declined to comment on the newly dented tire. “So, Professor Oak just abruptly contacted me on the video phone about it. How does it work?”

Misty stood up, still angry. She dusted herself off and sighed once before saying, “Well, it's simple. You have your Pokemon move around blocks in puzzles and try to get three or more blocks in a row. If you get chains of blocks or score combos, you send trash at your opponent's Pokemon's puzzle. Understand?”

“So, it's like a real life version of Tetris Attack?” Ash asked. “I've got that on my SNES back home in Pallet Town.”

“What's a SNES?” Misty asked.

“A Super Nintendo. Haven't you ever been into my room?”

“Um, no.” Misty responded. “But maybe some time you can show me this Tetri–”

Ash interrupted her statement to brag, “Well, rest assured that I'll win this competition. I may not be the best Pokemon trainer, but I'm a veritable Pokegod at Tetris Attack.”

“I'm gonna beat you, Ash!” And so the two walked toward the Stadium. Ash went on to battle all of the trainers through varying modes of difficult, beating all but Mewtwo on Super-Hard Mode.

The End

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