Saturday, July 16, 2011

Black Ops Wii (And What It Probably Won't See)

I'm sure there those (including myself) that have been waiting ever so patiently for Treyarch to release some sort of map pack for Black Ops Wii. But, it's starting to look like it's not gonna happen. Unfortunate, but why? I have a few baseless theories.

System Memory of Doom: Obviously, the Black Ops Wii DLC would be a lot smaller than the ones for other platforms. But how small? Could they get away with making the download smaller than the system's actual system memory? Imagine if someone downloaded the skimmed down map pack into their system. It's going to take up all the space. And when they go to download the original Mario Brothers or whatever, they won't have enough space! And since our sample Wii user isn't bright enough to go out and get an SD card, their Wii is now clogged beyond repair.

System Memory of Doom (Again): So, it takes so much memory for Wii to load Black Ops from the CD. Perhaps the amount of memory and/or processing power it takes to run from an SD card and the CD is more than the Wii can handle. Maybe they tried to skim it down and get it working, but the Wii's limitations just proved too much.

Wii Update: Ever since some wise souls discovered that you could hack the Wii by changing Epona's name from an SD card [in Twilight Princess], Nintendo has been giving it everything they got to keep the Wii as secure as they can. Perhaps there was a security change that proved lethal to Treyarch's would-be designs. That aforementioned bit about SD-card changes is particularly relevant.

Well, the manual only promised downloadable content, which the Wii has received. When you first try to play online, it downloads a "Pay and Play" update. I do hope that, some day, we'll be able to download Five, Ascension, and all those other good zombie maps. But until then, I'll settle for forging crackpot theories on why it isn't happening.

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