Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If they made a Zelda movie...

I've thrown the idea out to a few of my (non-zelda fan) facebook pals, and the ideas I've had for adaptations of a couple of the games seem to get good appeal.

The main problem with the whole idea is this: There are too many dungeons to fit into a coherent (non-video game) plot. With all the battling that would be going on in a Zelda film, time constraints would basically forbid a storyline. That could be worked around by developing other characters while Link completes a few dungeons off screen though.

I know it would surely piss off some of my fan-tastic colleagues, but Link would have to talk in any would-be Zelda film. He's not really even silent in the games. They merely let you form his words in your mind. Note how he nods warmly as if he just moved his lips from time to time, or gives a jolly wave when someone leaves in Majora's Mask. These are implications of a warm, vocal, personality.

Majora's Mask is a fantastic idea for a film in its own right. There are only four dungeons so you don't have to worry about having too much dungeon battling. The entire town has character development, so there are a lot of interesting souls to focus on throughout the film. Oh yeah, and the game is about the moon crashing into the earth, and using time travel to change Termina's inevitable fate. That sounds like something most people would like to see on the big screen.

A Link to the Past could probably get mainstream appeal as well. The in-game story isn't as in depth as Majora's Mask, but the basic seeds of a good story are there. Imagine all the good dialogue that could happen in Kakariko Village about Agahnim, and whether their good friend Link is really a kidnapper. Then you've got Link's quest to avenge his uncle, and maybe they could stick in an interesting (if cliche) death of Sahasralah while fighting Ganon. There are plenty of things that could be worked with in this story.

If done correctly, most Zelda games could be made into interesting films. More than like, alas, we'd end up with something like the Final Fantasy film, filled with bad voice acting, an incoherent plot with way too much battling, and other forms of basic suckage. Video game films seldom turn out well.

Having said that, I want to see it happen. Sure, Nintendo risks allowing yet another bad video game film (see also: the Super Mario Brothers movie), but there is much to be gained if successful. Look at what the Twilight film did for Stephanie Meyer, or even what Lord of the Rings film did for an already popular book series. The fanboys and fangals created from such a film will probably go out, buy a Wii, download all the games on VC, buy Twilight Princess, and the upcoming Skyward Sword game. The potential rewards are great, and the financial risk (for a multi billion dollar company) is minimal.

Furthermore, as a Farore fearing Zelda fan, I have to support the evangelization of these young minds. For too long have they played sinful games like Halo, Final Fantasy, and other suckful things. For there is but one high fantasy realm worthy of adoration, and that is The Legend of Zelda realm.

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