Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things I think the Wii Needs

Nintendo is quite right in saying that the Wii is not a PC, and that we shouldn't expect the same level of functionality we get from one. Even so, they could easily add so many things. Is the above little byline enough to neglect some of the things they could -easily- ... -easily- add? They're sure as hell not making good video games anymore; they might as well make some good software for the system.

Things the wii needs (in my humble, yet totally correct, opinion):

DVD Support Geez. This one's obvious. Even the ps2 could play dvds. It's sort of an outrage that they would omit such a function from a disc based system.

USB Flash Drive Support Who uses SD cards? Seriously. But we all have USB Flash Drives. Again, nintendo gave us all the necessary hardware to use USB Flash Drives, but neglected to include the functionality.

An Improved Internet Channel Interace The Wii Remote is a sick joke of a device for browsing the internet.The Channel allows you to type with a keyboard, yet does not include any interface for browsing the web with a keyboard. What the fudgecicle? WebTV did it excellently with just 2 MB of RAM. I suggest Nintendo take notes.

The Homebrew Channel is the only hope for those of us who want our Wii to actually do useful stuff. Yet Nintendo has taken the stance that the above improvements are malicious in nature, and actively removes them from your system upon updating. I'd understand if Nintendo was attempting to do the same things, but they are not. Why take a stance against functionality?

I've got more beefs with the Wii, but those are the main ones. Since they are the benevolent corporation that brought us Zelda, I won't sweat the small stuff.

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