Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zelda Glitching Failure Log

To glitch or not to glitch? That is the question. The answer is to glitch, but how???

Yesterday, I had an idea for how it might be possible to escape Sakon's Hideout as Kafei in Majora's Mask. I was thinking that if I turned into a Deku Scrub just before hitting the initial switch, Link would set off the switch, give control to Kafei, and then transform (leaving the door closed and the switch unset). After all that, the plan was to let Kafei set off the switch, and then do a barrel roll and get crushed by the door: causing Kafei to warp out of the area.

The plan worked perfectly up until the warping. There was a flaw in my conception of the idea. Whenever Link does something in Majora's Mask that causes a warp (Goron Link falling in water, getting crushed by doors, Deku Link drowning, etc.), he always turns back into human Link. The same thing happened here with Kafei.

An interesting subglitch of the above is that if you do it with the Bunny Hood on, entering a second time causes the camera to refocus around Kafei. (And nope, completing the quest with the camera on Kafei doesn't give him control either. haha)

After that, I tried a second technique: The B button Ocarina. Kafei seems to be built off of Link, as he swings an invisible sword, dodges, and backflips just like him. I was fairly confident that glitching the Ocarina onto B and playing the Song of Soaring would trans Kafei to wherever I decided warp. Alas, I was wrong again. Even with the Ocarina on B, Kafei will just swing his invisible sword.

There are only a couple of ideas that I have left, and they're both based off of the most popular Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask glitch: The Bombchu Hover. I'm thinking that maybe if I threw a bomb just before landing on the switch, and then backflipped toward the door with Kafei, it would knock him through the wall, but not out of bounds. That too seems unlikely.

If only I could get Kafei using bombs. Then we'd hover out, cause the fourth day glitch, and go on our own little quest. :)

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