Saturday, March 5, 2011

How my (spare) Hard Disk Gparted me

As I rambled elsewhere the other day, I'm trying to get my spare desktop to install puppy Linux. Terror is beginning to consume me; for you see, I've realized that the machine's hard disk is shot. No matter what program I use, fdisk, cfdisk, gparted, whatever the debian installation cd uses, whatever the mandriva cd uses, and whatever the ubuntu 8.10 cd uses, it won't read.

Ever the silly one, I tried sticking it in the cd rom drive's jumper (and of course doing vice versa for the hard drive's jumper). Same result. Then, I switched 'em back and tried a different connector wire doodle (technical term there). Finally, I tried switched the jumpers again with the new connector. Btw, each time I'd load one of my several installation cds and attempt to partition. ZERO SUCCESS.

I'm not sure how it happened, but it probably happened during one of my numerous reformats/partitionings. Woe is me, but it's not so bad. I've got a couple of spare hard drives around here... somewhere. Just a matter of finding them... which is probably going to be more difficult than getting this one to work. I know that one of those is smaller than this one's (which is also quite small at a scant 6 GB. I'd just boot it from a pen drive if the BIOS would allow it.).

There is one last trick up my sleeve before chunking the disk, and that is to connect that hard disk to my working desktop and try to reformat it from a halfway stable machine. Could work... but I kind of doubt it. ;)

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