Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh magnificent Windows...

Ubuntu has spoiled me, I suppose. The sky is the limit on the random things you can do to your pc. But with windows, there are limitations. Granted, Windows 7 has some pretty good functionality, from what I hear. However, the Starter Edition is completely void of any real functionality. You can't even change your wallpaper unless you really work at it.

And that brings me to the subject of this rant: Making Windows feel more like Ubuntu. That's the dream. Sometimes, I have to use this netbook, and I feel so uncomfortable with these weird picture menus and all of that jazz. So, downloaded an Ubuntu theme, and quickly realized the Starter Edition has no theme abilities. Not dissuaded, I began to look for a workaround. And sure enough, you can change your wallpaper. I was thinking that it'd be easy... just logging in as administrator and replacing the wallpaper jpeg... but it actually required assigning permissions in the registry. Thanks to the several tutorials out there.

Now, Microsoft took time out of their day to ensure that you wouldn't be able to change too much. Because if you do change too much, you'll eventually muck up and their defense mechanism will shift your wallpaper back to the ugly blue Windows 7 paper. Wtf? Someone in their camp must have thought, "We've gotta guard jpeg: with our lives if necessary!"

The Login screen was pretty easy to change, and they actually allow you ti import Ubuntu Sound Effects (or any other type), albeit much more difficultly than the heftier versions of Seven.

Ideally, I want to swap out those Icons for an Ubuntu/Xubuntu style menu. Not sure how to proceed, but hopefully the rest of the crap isn't as viciously guarded as the wallpaper. heh

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