Monday, March 28, 2011

Zelda needs more Toon Link!

That's a call you won't often hear the grandpa Zelda fans make. Alas, I've been playing Zelda since the days of AoL (circa 1990, playing LoZ as a very young lad), and I'm one of the few that thinks games such as LoZ: The Wind Waker are better successors than games such as LoZ: Twilight Princess. Here's why:

Graphics: Look closely at LoZ, AoL, Alttp, and LA. These are the games that most consider to be the "heart of the series", if you will. In terms of graphics, what commonality do they all share? They all look like cartoons. Especially Alttp and LA. TWW continues this. Games like TP and even OoT are a departure. Furthermore, the style of OoT Hyrule is rather dreary (to me). It lacks the mysticism of Alttp. TWW seems like a fun fresh place where anything can happen.

The Legendary Hero: The Wind Waker is ridiculously easy, and that's the game's primary flaw, but it continues Zelda's traditions in a place where Twilight Princess largely abandons it. Link is not the Hero from the Legends, and he he is not the Hero chosen by the gods. He is "The Legendary Hero" as as referred to in Alttp and (presumably) LoZ/AoL.

Enemies: Like LoZ and AoL, The Wind Waker had moblins. It did a great job of bringing these creatures into the overworld. I don't think that the style of TP really allows for such creatures. They would look goofy with "serious" graphics.

The Underworld: TWW gave yet another nod to LoZ with the Underworld. Never before had the overworld/underworld concept been so adequately explained.

So, in summation: Toon Link is alright with me. Now if he'd just get rid of that pesky third dimension. It's so unnecessary.

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