Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Thoughts About the 3DS

I'm, for the most part, happy with primitive games. I like text based stuff, 8-bit console games, and some SNES occasionally to shake things up. Of course I like some of the "3D" stuff I grew up on like the PS1 and the N64. Just pointing out my old fashioned bias up front.

Anyway, Nintendo just released the 3DS. There was a time long ago when this was what I dreamed of. A rich gaming experience that comes to life before your eyes. But then I got a Wii. The Wii has a lot of flash, bells, whistles, and "interactive" gimmicks, but it really does suck on the whole. The (non-VC) games are terrible, and even if they made what I consider to be "good games," they'd probably be better suited to a normal controller. Something tells me that I'd feel the same way about the 3DS if I could actually afford the thing.

I've dabbled with the DS and the DSi. I've got a friend who has one and a little cousin who has the other. As much as I dislike the Wii Remote (when it's used for motion), that little pen-prick thing is ten times worse. Fortunately, some of the "games" (if you can call them that) work with the d-pad. Even if the the 3D effects are mindblowing, Nintendo's string of horrible control interfaces would just ruin it for me. :)

But, I digressed quite a bit there. 3D just doesn't sound all that hot to me anymore. In fact, I think I'd actually prefer the normal screen. It balances out the bad controls. Now neural induction would be impressive. Do that, Nintendo!

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