Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Dangerous Dangers of Facebook

Yep. Facebook is -still- blocking's array of domain names, and now they're not even giving a reason for it. I know it's probably because of's free allowance of php from anybody anywhere, but it's not fair because facebook is probably more dangerous than any site on the web.

Now, I've got maybe a hundred friends on facebook. Most are distant relatives I don't even know, and the rest are people that I actually do know or talk to quite a bit online. Out of that one hundred, at least twenty have had their accounts compromised at some point. My best friend from my childhood was spamming stuff on becoming a sports agent for two weeks, and my ex girlfriend's sister keeps telling me about this ridiculous "video link" that tries to trick me into installing an app. And there are others!

So, clearly, if facebook is concerned about security precautions, the logical choice is for facebook to block from being shared.

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