Friday, April 29, 2011

Link Vs. Dark Link (A Spiritual Battle)

Consider how Link did journey on to the Great Palace. After he defeated the Thunderbird, he was allowed entrance into the Triforce Room. The Old Man looked at him, saying, "There must be a test!" And the Old Man and the Triforce of Courage disappeared.

Then, Link was alone and the room was made as dark. Out of the darkness emerged an enemy that Link had never fought, but engaged many times. Verily, that enemy was Link's dark side. If Link is the Legendary Hero who is incapable of fear in the face of Ganon or any other such manner of evil, then Dark Link is the one who cowers before Ganon, saying, "I am too fearful to pursue that which is right." If Link would save Hyrule from the Evil One, then surely Dark Link would surrender and aid Ganon for fear of annihilation.

Link engages Dark Link and the battle begins to fare poorly. Dark Link knows who the Hero is, but the Hero does not understand who Dark Link is. It is as if Dark Link knows his every move, but Link does not know the moves of Dark Link. Terrified, Link begins to cower in the corner of the locked room. Then, Link thinks about who Dark Link is. He says to himself, "Dark Link is part of me." and he knows he must overcome the fear his shadow embodies. Then, before death calls his name, Link begins to voraciously swing his sword in a stance of half cowardice.

This was the manner in which the Hero achieved his greatest triumph. The Triforce was made whole once more, and the Princess at long last awakened.

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