Friday, June 3, 2011

An Ode to the Wii Classic Controller

When Wii had grown tired,
of Wii's motion control,
Nintendo was inspired,
by generations of old,

and N64 corollared',
With Gamecube no less!
The Wii Classic Controller

It works from dpad only,
with no pointing or clicks,
Recuse yourself Sony,
With two analogs, it's slick!

Mario, Black Ops, and A Link to the Past,
All from one helm,
Could such joy ever last?
Alas, good friends... whelm...

The buttons are backwards,
for the N64,
Link rolls when he swings,
but could you ask for much more?

The SNES reincarnated,
and it rose up to say:
Step back mutha fuckas!

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