Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Otherworld War 3

Yep. If you believe random channelers, it's happening. Read about it here. I'll try to sum up the gist of this startling prophecy and give a few interpretations of my own.

According the the channeler, the Otherworld (the Sid/moors/place where Tuatha De Danann are at) is sort of like the Light World from A Link to the Past. It is geographically identical to our world, but is in much better condition because faeries love the environment. That's right: We live in the Dark World. :P

Anyway, some of the faeries seem to worship the Tuatha De Danann, which is a pretty neat angle on handling the whole issue of whether faeries are faeries or gods. The channeled spirit, Mr. E, indicated that the Unseelie faeries have a different religion. Since we know Mr. E is in some way involved with Danu worship (according to what I read on their forum)... it's probably safe to assume that the unseelies worship the Fomorians. Not a big leap eh?

The unseelie court, alas, wants to exterminate the human race. This is again, indicative of the A Link to the Past rules of the Otherworld. Whenever something happens in one world, it affects the other world (no redundancy intended). So, our destruction of trees and wut-not.. yeah that's harming the unseelies. But don't worry, the Seelies want us to live and return to harmony with nature! Joy. Hence the title, Otherworld War 3. There is war in Otherworld over the fate of the human race!

If the Seelies win and the human race returns to nature and magic.. it appears that our worlds will reconnect as one. "But now you've defeated the evil Ganondorf. His Dark World will vanish..."

Addendum: This whole thing reminds of an environmentalism oriented article I once read about Otherkin. Another thing.. the website's logo is remarkably similar to's. To be honest, I don't know what the symbol is supposed to symbolize. If anyone knows, by all means elaborate in the comments.

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