Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Games the Wii VC Needs

Title should be self-explanatory. Let's roll.

Mortal Kombat: Yeah. I don't like it, but what kind of SNES/Sega library lacks it? Better yet, they should hunt down that arcade version for Wiiware.

Killer Instinct: This is the one I want to see. How will the newbie-folk of chatrooms here and there fully understand the importance of breaking combos if they cannot experience a true combo breaker? Also I like the music.

Legacy of the Wizard: Everyone that's a fan of RPGs and/or platformers should try their hand at Legacy of the Wizard. You've got a party that gains gold, items, abilities, and the like, and they're trying to... I forget what they're trying to do. But the point is this is game should be on the VC.

Solstice: It deserves a place alongside the original LoZ in the VC, because it's just as good in some ways. It's like an 8-bit The Wind Waker, in the sense that it's puzzle heavy (though this game is much more difficult. heck I've never finished it).

Dragon Warrior: I was honestly surprised to see the list lacked it.

Rad Racer 2: It's got the radio stations and some good tracks for the NES. It's certainly my favorite racing title off that system, and I've probably played them all. ;)

That RPG... and that other RPG: I forget their names. One's a NES title that's a lot like Final Fantasy except it's not Final Fantasy, and the other one's a SNES title. You're like in an airship or something. It's also not Final Fantasy. Haha!

Link's Awakening/Metroid 2/Every Other Gameboy title the DS lot has access to: I've got both of those games, fortunately, so I'm in luck. But folks shouldn't have to run out and pay Nintendo 300 bucks just to pay them six more bucks. I for one refuse.

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