Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some thoughts about Wii-U!

Check check it, yo. Ok, as Bob Segar might say, I'm just too early for the rolling touchscreens.

Does anyone else feel that this is a remarkably stupid idea? Let's not beat around the bush, either. It's not revolutionizing anything. It's making the situation more complex. I want more of those sorts of games that use ordinary controllers, but yet... I do my love my Zelda.

I have a theory about Nintendo's attempted Sacking of the Video Game Kremlin: They're taking a proactive approach to preventing piracy. Take the Wii as a case in point. It could (and has) been emulated, but it sounds like it's going to require some moneys and know-how up front. Plus, there's the issue of quality. Do they even make PC controls that are as awkward as that nunchuck? If you really want to play the Wii that bad, you'd probably do just as well to spend the 250 bucks and go buy one. It'd be better, easier, and possibly even cheaper.

Anyway, the Wii U takes this habit defying conventions to a new level. How would you even go about replicating the built-in touchscreen on a control? In my mind, it's a strange, unfamiliar, product which will likely suck. But people seem to go for this sort of outside of the box thing. Not for me, alas. I'll stick with Wii, and if necessary, I'll downgrade to N64 or SNES.

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