Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dragon Worship and Crescent Shields

I've got a job now and can devote the remainder of my unemployed time to Zelda. That's wondiferous, as Mike Tyson might say. Without any further ado...

As many of you Zelda-ites know, Ocarina of Time had two major modifications made to it in the later versions: Namely, the Crescent Shield (the crescent moon next to a star is a symbol of Islam), and the volcano music that implored everyone to worship Volvagia the revived dragon. Nintendo took this stuff out due to politically correct mumbo jumbo, and it was not cool.

Who cares if Link has a Muslim shield? I don't. That shield kicked ass, and us Zelda-ites should demand its return to the VC version! lol.. well, not really. But still, the Crescent styled Mirror Shield will forever own the bs version. Look:

Crescent Mirror Shield
zelda oot good shield

Bullshit Mirror Shield
zelda oot lame shield

Anyway, that's a small issue. What really grinds my gears is the fact that they did away with Goron dragon worship. That was great! Here's a link to the old Fire Temple melody.

Old Version

Many listeners swear the chanting says:
"Volvagia Volvagia! All fall down!"

I don't know about that, but I like to think so. Nintendo should've kept it in there, as opposed to replacing it with this chantless remix of the same melody.
New Version

Bring it back Nintendo! Do what's righteous! Tell those protesters that Zelda rules and they need to STFU! :)

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