Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, the good, but not so old, days.

Within the context of Zelda, my good ole days were playing A Link to the Past as a kid. I was a teen when Ocarina of Time came out, but I definitely loved every minute of that game. I played it seven or eight times before finally giving it a rest.

Yesterday, I decided to start playing Ocarina of Time again. It has been at least five years since I've done so. Man, I've gotten rusty. But how? Majora's Mask is just like Ocarina of Time, and it's only been a couple of weeks since I've played that. Some of it has to do with Link's variations in movement/attacking within the two games. They look similar, but MM Link cannot jump as far as OoT Link. Also, their slight difference in height adds more for adjustments. Because of this stuff, those deku babas are eating me alive: literally!

I just noticed something which should have been obvious to me on all the previous playthroughs of this game.. the Temple of Light is almost certainly the same building that you kill Ganon in during A Link to the Past. It's in the center of the Sacred Realm and contains the Triforce. I can't believe I never caught that!

Another thing that I had never noticed. The main motif to the traditional Zelda theme is actually in the Hyrule Field theme.

I still suck at that obstacle course on Lon Lon Ranch. 49 seconds is the best time I can get.

Furthermore, this is the first time that I've actually paid attention to the subtext of Sheik's dialogue. He/She is a fairly interesting character.

Anyway, I'm in the Forest Temple now, which I really think is the most challenging dungeon in the whole game... I always get forget what to do. lol. I'll make another post similar to this one after I beat a few more dungeons.

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