Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charlie Chaplin and the Time Travel Paradox

I got an unusual call after I got home from Church this eve. Apparently, they caught a Time Traveler on tape! Wow, I thought. Of course, i googled it and found a link to the Youtube video.

Interesting indeed. Well, it's unusual. There is no evidence to suggest that the .. woman? .. is talking on a cell phone. It could well be anything or nothing for that matter. My current theory is that she's either: A)Covering her ear due to the wind in the background B) Simply hiding her face from the jackass cameraman. What if it is a time traveler, though? Let's go there. There are a couple of possible implications.

Backward time travel is currently thought of as impossible, though whose to say? Flight was once thought of as impossible. Anyway, this would-be technology obviously comes sometime after the year 2010. And now that a million people have seen this "time traveler" before said time travel technology was invented, it may well alter history. Now, things may play out in such a manner that the traveler never opts to come back in time. What happens then? How do we still see the video? This, my friends, is what they call a paradox.

An interesting paradox fixing solution is out there, though. I know it from Zelda, but it seems like I heard it in some sciencey garble too. The solution is this: To avoid the implosion of reality or whatever, a second universe is created.

20XX, the woman goes back in time on vacation to the set of a Charlie Chaplin movie. Much to her dismay, she's caught on film. Hastily perhaps, she heads on home and tries to avoid causing any more damage to the spacetime continuum. Now she's in the future. However, in her past, things are going batshit crazy. A divergent timeline is created, our timeline.

In this timeline of the universe, the woman will likely never visit the past, or if she does it will be done differently, changing anything from her outfit to where she visits. But this is alright since she did it in our past, coming from her timeline. We will still see it, avoiding any paradoxes.

Here's a lovely graphic I spent thirty seconds on.

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