Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nintendo Wins the Console War?

I think so. It's unfortunate, what with the terrible controls, but it appears to be the case. First, lets look at the numbers by unit:

Wii Sales: 70.93 Million.
PS3 Sales: 38.1 Million.
Xbox 360 Sales: 41.7 Million.

Why is that? Everyone sort of dislikes the Wii. Simple answer: Cost. The Wii isn't as affable as either of it's competitors, but it is cheap. Nintendo knows they don't need all the PS3's badass power to make a decent console. Games can still be enjoyable, and they've got their hyped up "interactive" gimmick. Lets hope they chunk that last part.

Regarding my optimistic dream of Nintendo chunking the Wii Remote, I know they won't do that. As a corporation, they're obligated to be financial whores and sell whatever the public will buy. Sales clearly indicate that most of the populace really does want to dance around like an idiot in front of their tvs. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, "We want to get more people playing video games."

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