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If Atari Made a Zelda Game...

I was thinking about the influence hit 1980s adventure game Adventure has had on Zelda. It was truly the first non-text based 'dungeon conquering' game. Then, I thought to myself, what would it look like if Atari made a zelda game? Basically, the following is a sort of 'fanfic' in which the events of Adventure are part of the Zelda backstory, and Link finds and uses various items from that game. Also, he visits the mystical two colored kingdom in which Adventure took place. Btw, this is envisioned as a 3D game. lol

The Legend of Zelda: Quest for the Chalice


Ganon reemerges once again, resurrecting his hoards of evil monsters. A might force is being accumulated in the desert to the west, and likely preparing for an all out invasion of Hyrule. It seems one of Ganon's minions managed to find the Golden Chalice, an artifact long thought to exist only in legend. Using the Golden Chalice, he drank the waters of life, and thus gained immortality. Then he began to use the cup's power to revive his minions. All of those who ever served the Dark Lord came that day.

The numbers of these monsters were too great for a Hylian Brigade led by the Hero himself to challenge. Because of this, the Old Man began to search through the Castle's library of ancient books and scrolls. It was then he heard of the Golden Chalice, and also of the lost kingdom it had originated from. Surely, Ganon was using this power of life to call forth this Dark Resurrection.

The kingdom was, according the legend, created by the lost Hylian civilization as an ultimate display of their power. It existed not in three dimensions as all other kingdoms do, but rather in two. Using their advanced technology, they created four square shaped dimensional modulators which altered the very nature of the space in which the kingdom would reside. From there, great artists used rendering magicks to render a kingdom inside of that space.

The rendered two dimensional area took up only 12 meters on any side. However, the rendered kingdom could house and support as many as three hundred thousand Hylians. Because of the efficiency associated with two dimensional rendering, more and more Hylians began to reside in that space. However, this would be the undoing of the Hylian race. A King of a nearby land became jealous of all the Hylian tecnological wiles, and decided to invade Hyrule and take the kingdom for himself.

Only two thousand men manned Hyrule that day. Some escaped from the painting, but the skilled warriors from the neighboring land took the building before many could get out. When the squares were removed, the kingdom became only a painting, presumably killing all inside.

The King took the squares back to his kingdom, but none of his wise men could understand this technology. Later on, the kingdom faded away, and officially was claimed as Hylian land several generations ago. The fate of the squares and the painting is unknown [the painting is Link's House where the Mario picture is in Alttp].

Link must find the Four Squares, recover the Chalice, and defeat Ganon's minions.

Dungeon 1: Death Mountain: Waterfall Entrance.
After Old Man tells Link about that crazy story, he suggests he go speak with the Great Fairy since she's immortal. Link walks into the water fall, and it's revealed that a dungeon with one of the squares is inside of this cave.. It's dark. There are keese. Little black shadow monsters lurk just beyond the light. Link gets the stepladder here. Isn't that awesome? The boss is the giant bat from A Link to the Past.

Dungeon 2: Temple of Light

Link uses the stepladder to cross some sort of high ledge. It carries him onto a previously inaccessible mountain. There he wanders around cluelessly until falling into a portal that leads into the sacred realm.

Some unusual technology is floating around here. The area seems to have been overrun by monsters. Moblins are stationed throughout the place. Like likes seem to have magnets in their bellies as Link will lose his shield if he gets too close.

Link finds a magnet in this dungeon. It gives him the power to draw metallic objects toward him. It's useful for knocking over unaware those eagle creatures.

At the end of the dungeon, Link finds and rescues Rauru from some Moblins. Rauru informs him that Ganon infiltrated the Sacred Realm using the power of the Chalice, and stormed the Temple of Light in an effort to find the Triforce. Fortunately though, the Triforce was with Link. With all safe, Link leaves the realm and continues onto the third dungeon.

Dungeon 3: Great Palace

Link heads on back to talk to Zelda about the developments in the Sacred Realm. She then tells Link that he has to stop his quest and hide Triforce. A tad annoyed, Link agrees to take the Triforce to the Great Palace, at which point Old Man will put some sort of protective shield around the place.

However, the creatures inside have been ordered to kill anything that enters by the Guardian gods of Hyrule. Apparently they have to protect the “other treasure” of Hyrule. So Link finds himself killing our sorts of “good badguys” to get to the room the Old Man wants the Triforce in. They respawn with impunity, suggesting immortality.

While journeying there, he finds a Spear. Suddenly, Old Man contacts him telepathically: “Link. This is the spear that the Legendary Hero once used to gain the Chalice. I believe that your stumbling across it is more than mere chance. Surely, surely, the Goddesses have predestined this finding. As the Hero did then, so must you too. As it has been said, 'When one door closes, another is sure to open.' ”

Link can now use the magnet and the spear in tandom to eliminate the jumping birdlike creatures. With great skill, he approaches the desired room. Old Man contacts him, telling him to climb the ladder and wish for the Triforce to leave him, and that one piece at a time would slowly come to rest in this secret and safe location. After he places the Triforce of Courage, he hears a footstep. Link turns around, and sees nothing. He then resumes the process. Another footstep. He turns his head around. SMACK!

Link is knocked off the platform. It seems he was attacked by some sort of square. That's right.. a square. The square has a magnet and spear just like him! The square screams: “Intruder! Leave this place lest death fall upon you!”

Link explains that he's leaving the Triforce behind, but the square doesn't believe him, saying “You are a pillager. The evidence in the spear you hold. My spear!” A cameo ensues with the square running around quickly, sort of like the Wizzrobes in Majora's Mask.

The square is faster than Link, but fortunately he is a square, so Link wins the battle. The square concedes defeat saying, “Only the Hero could defeat me. I now return to my rest. Godspeed Link.” The square leaves behind one of the Four Squares.

Link starts to place the remaining pieces of the Triforce, but cannot seem to place. Zelda contacts him telepathically, “Link. Come quick! A fleet of Wizzrobes stormed the castle, kidnapping my father! Old Man is dead!” Realizing that the placement of the Triforce is now impossible, Link heads toward Hyrule Castle.

Dungeon 4: The Desert Temple.

The Knights of Hyrule feel humiliated because of their defeat. They had kept the small fleet of Wizzrobes from taking the castle, but one eluded them transporting directly to the King's chamber. Link speaks with them, and they decide to go and battle Ganon's armada of enemies.

A week later, after all preparations have been made, they depart for the Gerudo desert. A great battle ensues, with the outcome uncertain. While Link is slashing away at Moblins, the other three Squares resonate with a white light, indicating that the other crystal is near. After the Hylians win and rescue the King, Link heads for the Desert Temple.

With a sense of deja vu, Link battles the same foes he did in A Link to the Past. When he enters the area once occupied by three Moldorms, he marvels.. It's friggin' empty. Or so he thinks. He hears a sound. The “Fire Breathing Two Dimensional Beast: DuKragon” appears. The creature looks kind of unsual in three dimensions, and Link only gets a good look at it when it runs to the left. If it gets too close to Link, it will swallow him and then spit him out. It shoots fire: three dimensional fire. Link kills it in one blow with the spear, retrieving the fourth square from its stomach.

Dungeon #5: Into the 2nd Dimension

Link just wonders what Ganon's up to. He was not found among the dead from the Battle of Gerudo Desert, nor was he taken prisoner. The Hylian Knights interrogate a surving Wizzrobe. With some coercion, the Wizzrobe reveals that Ganon has been controlling his army from the lost two dimensional kingdom of the Hylians. However, the Wizzrobe didn't know where that kingdom was. Cockily, he told the knights that Ganon now had the keys to death, and that not even Link could stop Ganon now.

Link knows the kingdom is in a painting, but where the painting is is beyond him. So he begins to search, one painting at a time. There are a lot of them in this game, but the right one is in his uncle's house. He finds it, causing the Squares to resonate, and then takes it back to Hyrule castle. With some diligence, the Court Magician figures out how to get the thing to work, placing the squares equidistantly on platforms. Then the painting comes to life and the figures begin to rapidly move like a dvd on fast forward. After a few minutes of 'fast forwarding', the picture resumes a pleasant normal flow. Link steps forward to get a closer look, only to be sucked in.

He's in a new town of some kind. It's pretty weird. There aren't many people around. Link approaches some of the townspeople and asks about Ganon. No one has heard that name, but every keeps murmuring about the 'tribe to the north'. Confused, Link heads toward the ominous black castle to the north.

And sure enough, this is Ganon's tower. Link scales the castle walls using the stepladder, getting inside the ramparts. He heads either right or left. Either way, he uses the magnet to draw the blocks into place, causing a doorway to open to the inside of the castle.

On the inside he fights a bunch of bad guys. Finally, he fights Ganon and gets the chalice. However, he's gotta get out now, and all of Ganon's minions are chasing him. With some trouble, he runs back toward the town, being chased by the minions. Fortunately, the Hylians come to his aid, killing off the baddies with lasers. Lasers man! Friggin' lasers!

The Hylians thank Link, giving him his last heart piece. Plot developments end with Link talking to Zelda. The game never truly ends, thus allowing the player to explore Hyrule and the new area.

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