Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Real life Goriya Sighting

I've noticed that some of my friends look like enemies from Zelda. That's not a put down; I actually think it's pretty cool. I'm well aware that I probably look like the fairy from LoZ, so no need to go there. :P

I won't name names, but I've spotted the vuln arrow enemies from the dark world known as Goriya on my facebook friends list.

Alttp Arrows Goriya Cheese_Whiz

That's amazing. Rock on, friend that looks like Goriya.

It's a good idea for some Mary Sue-ish fanfic, or perhaps a fan movie, where someone's friends all sort of have that "Wizard of Oz" resemblance to characters from Zelda, and then some crazy magical event causes everyone to start acting like real life is Zelda.

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