Friday, October 8, 2010

Nothingness: God?

Existing is a complex topic, and that is somewhat of an understatement. However, if one had to briefly explain existence to one who did not intuitively understand, they might decide to do it like thus: “Existing, or being, is perhaps explained via contrast to its logical opposite: Nonexistence, or not being. Existent things have a material mark that can be observed in the universe, whereas nonexistent things lack this feature.”

The nature of this post has little to do with the material universe, and yet also, it has everything to do with it. Let us take a close look at the attributes of nonexistence, which we'll henceforth refer to as nothingness in order to better relate the ideas in question.

Nothingness is eternal. It does not have a beginning, and it does not have an end. Before there was anything, there was nothingness. Where there is void, there is also nothingness. If the universe ceases to exist in the future, there will still be that lack of anything. Therefore, nothingness is immortal.

Nothingness is everywhere. The universe is mostly empty, and there is even empty space (at the atomic level) inside of material things such as Zelda carts or humans. Whereever there is not 'some thing', there is nothing. The nature of nothingness exists within all things and all nothingness, a quality also referred to as omnipresence.

If nothingness is within all things, then that nothingness is necessarily a part of those things. However, the human being itself is not nothingness as there are material aspsects to its full being.

Since nothingness is deeply rooted within the material of every existent thing within the universe, it is as much responsible for the actions of a given material object as the object itself is. That is to say, the object may well cease to exist if the nothingness went away. Furthermore, since the possibilities of the conceivable actions for a given entity are endless, nothingness is, for all intents and purposes, omnipotent.

If nothingness is inside of all things, to the point that it has a definite role over that which actions occur, then the universe's collective amount of nothingness is privy to an insurmountable amount of knowledge. Whether nothingness can view or understand the database is a definite unknown, but this quality is necessarily omniscience.

I hope, for your sake, you see where this is going. There are a lot of applications of this, but I'll take the most interesting one: The Big Bang, the singularity, and the inevitable nothingness before.

Before we delve straight into that, let's make a pit stop over at theism central station. A common skeptic's objection to God is thus: “Who created God?” A fun new answer to this question might be: “God is nothingness. Nothingness really doesn't require creation as it is the lack of creation.”

Now, onto the fun creation of the universe: The universe was created by nothing, which under my own semi-postulated logic is God. Everyone wins. Eat your heart out Thomas Aquinas.

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