Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Games of the Future

To be perfectly frankt, I think that the Wii Motion Plus, Kinect, and the PlayStation Move are all incredibly unattractive interfaces. Let's hope the future of interactive gaming gets better than this current line of unintuitive, bulky, crap. With that thought in mind, I wanted to reflect on a couple of ideas I've heard mentioned.

Trance Based Gaming: Ever seen the movie Brainscan? In this film, the protagonist orders a revolutionary new type of "video game". The game puts the player in a hypnotic trance, causing them to lose the true perception of reality. The player takes cues from the game and creates the entire plot within his or her mind.

Is this plausible? I'm no expert on hypnosis or trances for that matter, but a product that could tap into the imaginative power of the human mind could usher a revolution in gaming. This would be difficult to perfect, and would likely never work for most individuals. Not everyone is a good candidate for hypnosis alas.

Brain Downloads: I think the title says it all. You download a game into your mind via microchip implant, close your eyes, and experience everything first hand. This could and probably will happen. Who knows? We may even live to see it. I don't care if I'm 80 and halfway senile; if they make Zelda: Implant Edition, I'll buy the stuff!

Virtual Boy Zomg I don't care that the thing only had two colors. This was a far more impressive idea than the WiiWii. Nintendo had the right idea, but ditched in the trash along with Gyromite the Robot (which, unrelated, should get a Wii debut). Nintendo or some other company should give true first person gaming another chance. I want Zelda goggles damn it! And while they're at it, they should add in the 80s style boxing gloves. Yeah, that's the future! They can actually do this stuff now.

Perhaps an ideal similar to an improved Virtual Boy will be our transition to Brain Downloads. I hope so.

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