Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Screw the Consciousness Shift!

2012 doomsday hype has been on mind of late. I rather like the cataclysmic images of the would-be apocalypse, but this isn't what I've sat down to write about. Rather, I seek to speak on the other end of 2012 speculation: this notion that a new age will be upon us.

What is the new age? Put simply, the new age is the passing on of the old age. What is the old age? The old age is our age, which is, by all accounts, not too swift of an age.

What is wrong with our age? Many things – not the least of which being material problems such as war, plagues, famine, pestilence, and death – are wrong with our world. Presumably the new age will do away with most or even all of these problems. Who is to say? It's new, and we haven't seen it yet.

There is another problem that the new age seeks to eliminate, and it is the one that brings me to typing this. It is also the problem that makes me chuckle, for reasons I shall soon explain. The new age will apparently cause either a complete shift in humanity's collective consciousness, or awaken individuals who previously clung to old age ideas, religions, and philosophies. Think about that.

This is what 2012 new agers think will bring total world peace and harmony. People who disagree with new agers will suddenly experience an awakening, and automatically begin to think as they do.

This is a recurring theme through history. “If everyone comes to think just as I do, the world will be a better place.” It's very much part of the 'old age' new agers wish to see eliminated by the stars. Satan cannot cast out Satan, and collectivist prophetical babble cannot cast out collectivist prophetical babble.

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