Saturday, December 25, 2010

A testimony to My Immortal

All I want for Christmas is My Immortal: The Motion Picture. Someone should make this saga. Seriously. For clueless people who stumble across this page, I'm not talking about the song. That's good, but the fanfic of the same name is better.

It is a masterpiece of a different kind. My Immortal is either: A) The worst fanfic ever, and something that makes Ed Wood look like Alfred Hitchcock. B)The greatest act of trolling in the history of man. Those who profess to be trolls should worship the writer for bestowing humanity with such a hilarious act of parody.

I lean toward the latter, if only for the reason that no human being could possibly be that incapable of typing. Even on a phone with very small keys, you're just bound to get a few words right. This smells of design. Furthermore, the wording of these sentences is purposely funny; I have no doubt of that. The attempt is to impersonate a twelve year old girl who saw Evanescence and decided "goff" was hot. How can you use the word 'fuck' in a sentence, and then decline to describe human anatomy? It defies logic, even the logic of twelve year old girls.

I want to finish this saga, but I always seem to get confused or lose all control and burst into non-stop laughter. What makes it even funnier is that people can't see the writing on the wall.

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