Thursday, December 23, 2010

When Roleplaying Goes Wrong...

There is a certain bliss in taking on the mannerisms of a character for RPGs. It's enjoyable, and can sometimes completely usurp your own personality if you let it. I myself have questioned certain facets of my own worldview due to things that emerged in RP. In certain ways, it could be a good thing. If helping out some beggar character encourages you to give to charity, that's great.

However, the brief erasing of these lines between character and player could also become a very bad thing. What if the line stays erased? What if you go around telling the world that you are an elf, orc, goblin, fairy, gnome, or some other mythical creature? What if you create an entire belief system to justify these increasingly delusional stances? This, my friends, is when you are part of the weird subculture called 'Otherkin'.

Google it. I've read about religion so much that you could it an obsession. There are similar ideas within the new age movement that many people actually consider reasonable. As cool as it is, this idea of being orcs, goblins, and whatnot, I have a hard time extending the respectful 'whatever' I do to most other religions -- and this definitely falls into the category of religion.

This reminds me of the whole psychic vampirism... thing. I had a semi-friend who considered himself as such. I never questioned it, but one day he went all out to convince me that the psychic vampires are real. I guess I should have said, "Maybe.. uh.. who knows, right?", but like all blood leechers, he was fairly irritating and I responded with: "Fuck no vampires, psychic or otherwise, are not real! Science! SCIENCE! SCCCCCIIIEEENCE! Draining energy, feeding off auras, and all that shit... not real!" He blocked me on facebook, and we haven't spoken since. I should apologize I guess. Or expose him to sunlight.

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