Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Story Isn't That Important...

This is the attitude of Nintendo when it comes to Zelda games. I hear their points, and I suppose they do make sense. However, they seem to be using this logic as a byline to totally screw up the Zelda storyline.

"As we all know, the Hylians are the closest race to the gods..." Jackass from TP.
"But wait... surprise! There's an even closer race to the gods: Chickens!" Same Jackass from TP

I remember playing A Link to the Past and loving the storyline about the lost civilization of the Hylians. It went without saying they were the most advanced thing since sliced bread. But now, that's all in question. The Oocca, glorified chickens, are actually the species the gods created, and those chickens created the Hylians.

What. The. Fuck? I'm not the only one that feels this way about the Oocca. Many people I've talked to agree that this Oocca business runs the storyline through a shredder.

But like Aonuma says, the story isn't that important. And that means he can utterly destroy it with whatever craptastically awful detail that comes into his mind.

And this shit continues into Skyward Sword. Link is from the Sky; probably the same place where the Oocca are in TP. Damn. There's been a murder my friends: And the victim is the Zelda Universe.

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