Sunday, December 26, 2010

SMB: The Lost Levels

I've been playing this game off an on for the past few days. It was six bucks on the Wii, and a fairly good deal at that. I had it on Super Mario All-Stars a long time ago, but I'd never played it in 8-bit stylings. To give you an idea, it's graphically just like the original Super Mario Brothers. The only difference is that the brick ground has been replaced with dirt. Even so, SMB: TLL is a totally new game. It is HARD.

Most people with halfway decent reflexes have mastered the original SMB. It is a pretty easy game, especially when you use warp world. I've played and beat the first game probably a hundred times, and I just wasn't prepared for the level of difficulty in this game. It is harder than Zelda II, Castlevania II, Contra, and Metroid put together. I have gotten at least a hundred game overs, most of which came on worlds 3 and 5.

There are places where you either jump on a turtle at the right time or you die. SOme of the jumps they expect of you are unreal. The worst one so is on 4-3, where you have to make a leap of faith across the screen with no ground below you, and just hope that floating turtle is in the right place.

As IGN said, it's a lot like a fan hack. Having said that, it's a pretty good fan hack. I've always loathed our SMB 2. Why couldn't we have this game? Heh heh.

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