Saturday, January 29, 2011

Das Numerals

Are you wondering what the numerological digital roots of all the words within the english language are? Wonder no more. I created a fairly simple console application to figure out just that. Behold the results:

There are 8954 ones.
There are 9021 twos.
There are 9060 threes.
There are 8855 fours.
There are 8846 fives.
There are 8846 sixes.
There are 9045 sevens.
There are 8894 eights.
There are 8848 nines.

This list includes all words except proper nouns, so far as I know. I hope to get the proper nouns in the total soon. As you can see, it's fairly uniform. I'm actually a little surprised by that. I want to do a larger study on the different types of words (e.g. Archetypes, emotions, personality types, etc.) and see if any interesting correlations emerge. What I need is a thesaurus and a lot of time.

The massive dictionary.txt file with all the numerological values is available if anyone, for whatever bizarre reason, would like to make use of it. Just send word. :)

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