Saturday, January 22, 2011

LoZ: Quest Two Woes

Bah. I've only finished quest 2 once, and it was such a pain. What makes matters worse is the crummy wiimote. I've got the game on the NES around here somewhere. Anyway, so I decided to give it another go:

At the start, I thought I'd start out by saving up for the blue candle. Wise move, right? Well, those black moblins got me, and that was death number one. No big deal, except then I died to 'em again. But no worries, I got the 60 rupees, and went on around burning trees.

Using the secret moblin hideouts, I went around getting a decent amount of rupees. I bought the magic shield for 90 rupees (secret location, 1east, 1south, 2west of Level 1. Burn Tree on corner), and then strolled on over to Level 1.

Things started out ok, but the blue boomergang mofos still got me once. LOL, even after I got the magic shield. Laser Stalfos weren't a big problem. However, I died three more times in the room closest to the end (even after I saved up for the shield specifically in this room!). Nevertheless, Aquamentus is defeated and one Triforce piece down.

Level 2: Bah!

Red Darknuts, Those mummy dudes, and Friggin' Gleeok! Death after death after death! Jesus, they were cruel, whoever decided to pit you against gleeok with a Wooden Sword! I'll get it, but this will take a few times.

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