Monday, January 10, 2011

A Theory of the Chamber of Sages' Influences

Be careful. For the Zelda theory that I deliver unto you now may well give you a case of explosive amnesia! It is a theory about the inspiration for the insides of OoT's Chamber of the Sages, which is likely the same building as Alttp's Temple of Light. Without further ado. In a series that is obsessed with geometrical shapes and patterns, is it any surprise that our quest to understand its origins leads us to Sacred Geometry? Behold the following picture, which is called "Metatron's Cube":


Look at it closely. There's a certain symbol of Zelda inside the picture. Can't see it? Check out this one:


Starting to look a little familiar, eh? I clearly went my own way with it. And the final product:


And for good measure, let us compare the last photo to the Chamber of the Sages.


Note how there are six circles for every sage, not seven. It's mindblowing how they're in the same location. Of course the Triforce is much bigger in the former photos, but this is likely for aesthetic reasons. It would look tacky to actually make a 3D game with such large Triangles. Even so...

In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that Metatron's Cube inspired the Chamber of Sages layout. Perhaps Shigeru Miyamoto or someone else was looking at the its delightful pattern as they thought about the upcoming third Zelda game. Then, when OoT rolled around, I suspect they went back to the Cube one more time.

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