Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ghostly Orbs: An Unorthodox Theory

Anyone who has watched an episode of Ghost Hunters has seen the apparent evidence of the paranormal called "Orbs". They are exactly what they sound like... orbs. lol. If you're not familiar, you can peer over a few photos of orbs here. (Sorry, I can't seem to find a public domain photo of an orb. Arg!)

Now, I'm sure that a good many of these orb photos are simply bad photos and bad cameras... (I have a camera that's just awful with lighting). Having said that, what if a few of those orb photos really are ghostly entities? Are there parallels elsewhere in the world of fun paranormal lore?

Indeed! Behold an orb!


Or is it a fairy? Exactly. The two are pretty similar. Could Navi be an orb? Could orbs be Navi? Perhaps the two accounts (orb stories and fairy sightings) are related in some manner. If so, the question is: "Is it ghosts or fairies?" Chances are, the answer is, "It's almost always friggin' dust!"

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