Monday, January 24, 2011

Widespread Fairy Sightings?

Now, it has been said that an appeal to popularity is a logical fallacy. That is probably accurate, but having said that... Check out the comment section of this page. 99% of these people claim to have seen fairies. How? What? Huh? I've never met anyone who claims to have seen a fairy.

A thought occurs: You do not appear to need to sign up to post a comment there. There is a decent chance that some devoted soul made most of the comments. However, a cursory glance suggests at least a few different writers contributed. There are different levels of grammar and punctuation use, different paragraph formatting choices, and different lengths in the comments themselves.

Anyway, assume that at least 100 people took time out of their day to find other people who had seen fairies. How do we go about investigating the existence of said fairies? There must be an investigation, I say! It is too boring to simply conclude that fairies don't exist!

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